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(*_*)Valentine Poems For Husband

Valentine Poems For Husband :-

Happy valentines day to all.Some times when quotes or wishes doesn't reach to our heart in any occasion you can think of. Just so you know there are many other way also. And some of the ways are like to present a  gift. To sing a song or sometimes even poems works. So you know you ca say that Its best to have some backup plans to impress someone.Happy Valentines Day Poems For Husband 


Dear Husband, your love is special

It means the world to me

Your kisses and your hugs

And all of it comes free

Happy valentines day .

This card is for you my husband
My first and only love
No other man can match you
You shine line the stars above
Happy valentines day .

To my dear Husband
I just want to say
You made my life complete
On our Wedding Day
I Love You
Happy valentines day .
I fall deeper in your love with everyday that comes my love, every moment I spend with you feels like a dream and today should be no different.
I love you.

Thank you for the love you have shown
To me through all the years
Sharing love and life with me
Through laughter and through tears
Happy valentines day .

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If i don't have a card,
it's a divorce for you.
Happy valentines day .

To my darling husband
The apple of my eye
Who's kind and so considerate,
Would never make me cry.
Who never leaves the seat up
And always makes the bed
Never hogs the remote,
Listens to everything that's said.
Never hogs the duvet,
Snores or passes gas.
Never ever needs
To be told to take a bath.
Yes this verse is to you dear
but wait I've got it wrong
Must be someone else's husband
I've been thinking of all along.
Happy valentines day .

Will you be mine
My sweet Valentine,
And live all your life
With me as your wife,
With you as my friend
Right through to the end,
My one and my only
I'd never be lonely.
We'll spend time together
Through all kinds of weather,
And if we're apart
You'll stay in my heart.
Please, say you'll be mine
My sweet Valentine.
Happy valentines day .

After all these years...
You make my heart melt
yes you do....
Here's my Valentine
just for you!
Happy valentines day .

my Husband, my friend, my lover
have a wonderful Valentine's day
from your loving wife

While fighting for our country
All the way in ____________
I have a secret to tell you
we're having a baby!

You're more special to me
than a world of wealth
I couldnt be happy
with anyone else
Happy Valentines Day

I hope that we will never part
Ive loved you since we met
You have a place within my heart
My love, you wont regret

I've loved you from the start of time
I'll love you till the end
you truly are my soulmate,
my love, my life, my friend.
Happy Valentine's Day!

No valentine card,
Can hold more love than this
Because it's sent out with a hug
And sealed with a kiss
Happy valentines day .

Valentine love, valentine kisses
Sent to my hubby from your missus!

You are a
And much, much more ...
But most of all -
The sweetest husband in the world.
Happy valentines day .
Thank you for being my husband.

Love may come and Love may go
I sent this card to let you know
my Love for you will never die
we'll be forever You and I

It's Valentine's Day dear Husband,
I couldn't miss the chance,
Of wishing you love on this special day,
And putting sparkle back into romance,
We'll share our evening together,
Perhaps open a bottle of two,
And I'll never ever stop declaring,
My undying love for you!

Roses are red,
Violets are Blue
My love for you
Is pure and true.
Happy valentines day .

Your love is brighter than the sun,
It bathes my heart with light,
It warms the coldest winter?s day,
And guides me through the night.

Happy valentines day
2020 to all.So here ends another post of my blog on the new and latest topic which was Valentine Poems For Husband. Just so you know that these all poems were hand picked so if you all are still not satisfied with the poems than you can just let me know about that i can add some more awesome amount of poems in upcoming days.

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