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{**Top**} # 100+ Happy Valentines Day 2018 Shayari

Happy Valentines Day 2018 Shayari :

 Hello happy valentines day to all.love birds here i'm today for you the best collection of Happy Valentines Day 2018 Shayari. Happy Valentines Day is a day of love and romance for some, a day of chocolate and cards for others, but for many, it is a day of bitter desperation and longing. Every year when  Happy Valentine’s Day comes around, I hear my friends whine about how they don’t have boyfriends. Feel free to share this choicest collection of Happy Valentines Day 2018 Shayari.

Happy -Valentines -Day -2017
Happy -Valentines -Day -2018

Happy Valentines Day 2018 Shayari

If you were my valentine
I’d treasure every day
the arms that open to me
and the tender words you say
I can’t imagine dreaming
of another soul so sweet for,
If your were my valentine
my life would be complete…  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Apke aane se zindagi kitni Khubsurat hai,
Dil me basi hai jo wo apki hi Surat hai,
Door jaana nahi humse kabhi bhulkar bhi,
Hume har kadam per aapki Zarurat hai.
Happy Valentines Day 2017.

If you were my valentine
I’d find the softest rose
to gently brush against
those sweetest lips,
The angels chose
my heart is like a flower
craving for your morning kiss
mere words cannot pay homage
to a passion such as this.Happy Valentine’s Day!.......

Kabhi Ajnabee Se Mile the,
Phir Yuhin Milte Chale Gaye,
Hum to Aapko Dost Bananewale the, magar
Aap to Hamare Dil Ki Dhadkan Bante Chale Gaye.

Happy Valentine's Day 2017 Shayari

Dil ki baat jubaan pe lane ko dil karta hai,
Aapke sath dunia basaane ka man karta hai,
Tum dur na ho jao mujhse kabhi,
Isliye humesha tumhari yaado me
kho jane ko dil karta hai. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mere kuch jazbaat hai, kahin khoye hue se,
Kaise kahun tumse, woh jaise hai sharmaye hue se,
Par wo din aaj hai mohabbat ka,ab naa chup rahunga,Happy Valentine’s Day!

Even If The Sun Refused To Shine; Even If Romance Ran Out Of Rhyme; You Would Still Have My Heart Until; The End Of Time You’re All; I Need, My Love; Happy Valentine's Day 2017.

Happy -Valentines- Day -2017- Shayari
Happy -Valentines- Day -2017- Shayari

Valentine’s mean to spend time with the one u love
Mean that kisses,hugs,smiles and candy
Today is the day me and u will be together with love on
My love is true never blue all about u.Why.Cause Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day 2017 Shayari

I searched through books
And leafed through cards,
For words that would convey,
What I had in my heart,
But when I sat down to write,
All I can write was….
I Love you!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy -Valentines- Day -2017- Shayari
Happy -Valentines- Day -2017- Shayari

Love is not how long you’ve been together,
Not how much you’ve given or receive,
Not how many times you’ve helped each other,
It’s how you value each other !
Happy Valentines Day

We’ve known each other,
For a long long time,
But I never really noticed,
All the magic in your eyes,
I’ve been around you,
A thousand times before,
And you’ve always been a friend to me,
But now I’m wanting more….
Think about it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love so much my heart is sure.
As time goes on I love you more,
Your happy smile.
Your loving face no one will ever
take your place.
Wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day

If you wake up 1 day and
were asked to have a wish,
What would it be?
Mine would be that our love
would last until you see
an apple in an orange tree.. Happy Valentine’s Day!........

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